Bullying/Harassing Behavior

A message from Dr. Norwood:

Forest Municipal School District is continually committed to developing an atmosphere of trust among parents and the community in our ability to provide not only a positive and enriching educational experience but a safe place for students to thrive.

That is why we have partnered with Family Zone, a leading provider of cyber safety products and education, to create an educational hub for parents and teachers. This hub includes articles, videos, courses, and more to ensure each of you knows how to keep our kids safe online.


Dr. Karen Norwood

CLICK HERE to visit our NEW Cyber Safety Hub for FMSD Families.  You will find tons of resources to help keep our children safe.

FMSD Policy JDDA-P Bullying Procedures is the complaint procedure that provides a process for filling, processing, and resolving complaints.

Step 1:Student,parent,legal guardian may submit a completed complaint form to the principal of their child's school.

Step 2:School administrator or designated personnel conducts an investigation of the incident as filed by victim.

Step 3:Within 5 calender days of reciept of Bullying/Harassing Behavior Complaint Form, all parties are notified of findings by school administration or designated personnel.

CLICK HERE to print a Bullying/Harassing Behavior Complaint Form